The rejected editor’s letters
The hardest part of making a magazine is the editor’s letter. Or rather, it’s the hardest part for me, because I’m the editor. If you’d ask our magazine manager Tom, he’d probably tell you that getting a brand new magazine distributed all over the globe is a lot more complicated. That may very well be, but his face is not going to be printed next to the little story that explains why exactly we’re making this magazine. Mine is. We’ve previously published two magazines, so I’ve been through the gruesome ordeal of writing an editor’s letter twice already.

But those were in Dutch. Nobody understands Dutch. The entire world understands English. So to impress that entire world I have to write something extremely clever, demonstrating my remarkably professional insight in the European music industry. A story amusing, yet touching. Something everybody can relate to. Preferably in perfect English.  

And that ain’t gonna happen. I’m not that professional or clever. More importantly, I’m not a writer. Hell, I’m not even a real editor. I’m just the owner of a booking & promotion agency who thought it would be a good idea to publish a magazine. But I know, I made my own bed… so I’ll give it my best shot. And to prove to you that I’m REALLY trying, I’ll post all my attempts right here. Just promise not to laugh…  

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School