Some questions that are answered in the Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Magazine:

What does it take to be a tour manager?
What are the top 5 venues in Switzerland?
How do you save money on the road?
Is it safe to eat the giant hotdogs on the boat to Denmark?
How limited is a limited edition?
Who is Kai “Mutti” Keller?
What is a costing?
How did Kruder & Dorfmeister become famous?
What are lanyards / laminates?
What are the pros & cons of doing your own management?
What do Trent Reznor, ZZ Top and Amanda Palmer have in common?
What does an A&R Manager do?
What is a back catalogue?
How do you sell the most merchandise?
What is a door deal
How do you get a show at the Music Box in Lisboa, Portugal?
What is a label copy?
How do you build up a fan base?
Who is Mira Batty?
What is accreditation?
Why is Danko Jones self-managed?
What is an agent?
In which European country are you most likely to get search at the border?
What is By;Larm?
What is creating a buzz?
Could I find a job as a production assistant?
What is finished product?
What is merchandise?
What is Popkomm?
What is the best DVD on the music industry?
What is the Montreux Jazz Festival?
On what do you spend the most money in France?
What skills do you need to become a booker?
What’s per diem?
What’s the worst thing to write in your bio?
Who is Gijs Cals?
Who puts people on the guest list?
Why do bands love to play in Spain?
What does on hold really mean?
Why would anyone want a publishing deal?
What are midweek charts?
What are the qualities a good manager should have?
What did Maria Mena’s manager do for her?
What do you put on a rider?
What does feature means?
What does recoupable mean?
What is a booking agency?
What is a day room?
What is a free choice?
What is a major?
What is airplay?
What is bartering?
What is Club Molotown?
What is crowd-control?
What is front of house?
What is MIDEM?
What is Sonar?
What is the best part of working at a booking agency?
What is Womex?
What skills do you need to become a roadie?
What’s the glamour rating of being a music journalist?
Who are The Accelerators?
Who is Jair Hoogland?
Who is Marcel van de Pauvort?
Who is Nikki Belucci?
Who’s a V.I.P.?
Why do distributors demand exclusivity?
Why is mastering important?
How do you become a band manager?
How do you put together a press kit?
How do you start your own label?
Is it possible to make money with a 9-piece ska band?
What are avails?
What are the golden rules for setting up a fan club?
What are the tax obstacles for touring artists?
What do the Raveonettes wear on stage?
What does a promoter do?
What is  an advance?
What is a Camping Flight To Lowlands Paradise?
What is a distributor?
What is a guarantee ?
What is a meet & greet?
What is Amsterdam Dance Event?
What is bubbling Under?
What is commission?
What is FIB Heineken?
What is licensing
What is Noorderslag/Eurosonic?
What is Sziget Festival?
What is the Exit Festival?
What should you never do when you're at a network event?
What’s a jewel case?
What’s the job description of an A&R manager?
Who are The Real McKenzies?
Who is John Calabrese, a.k.a. JC?
Who is Michael Schuster?
Who is Rune Lem?
Who’s Josh Freese?
Why is Berlin such a cool city?
Why shouldn't you pee in Italian sinks?