In September 2009 we launched the first edition of the Rock ‘n’ Roll High School magazine. The magazine is written for (young) music professionals and semi-professionals all over the globe who can use it as a source of information to make their way into the European music industry.

The Rock 'n' Roll High School magazine is an essential guide to the European music industry. If you’re in a band, or if you run a label anywhere, you are probably desperate for more information on how to book European tours, where to buy the best merchandise, how to get your records distributed in other countries and who to call for promotion. You could spend hours on the internet looking for answers, but why waste your precious time? 

We’ve got all this information and we've put it together in such a way that it’s useful and fun to read. We’ll cover the mainland of Europe and we’ll try to make the Rock 'n' Roll High School magazine the most practical book of reference around for anyone who wants to do business in, or with the European music industry. In short: the Rock 'n' Roll Highschool magazine is 292 pages filled with tips and tricks to conquer Europe!